Digital work

The Digital Studies minor at UMW confidence with a variety of digital tools. I’ve established skills in blogging platforms, website design, audio editing, interactive storytelling, and text analysis.

But beyond that, Digital Studies also means thinking about how we manifest our identities online, how information is disseminated with digital tools, the cultures that emerge from these opportunities, and the ethical and philosophical questions that this presents.

Here are links to a few of the projects that showcase my digital skills:

  • The Starless Night – Interactive creative writing for Digital Studies 101, made with Twine.
  • Mapping American Realism – A foray into digital literary studies for my Digital Studies 101 class. An interactive map of novels studied in one of my English classes, made with TimeMapper.
  • Social Media and Addictive Design – A ten-minute podcast made with Garage Band for Digital Studies 101.
  • A Walk Through St. Petersburg – A personal interactive map, made with Storymap JS for Adventures in Digital History.
  • 50 Years of Star Trek – A timeline made in Timeline JS for Adventures in Digital History.
  • Farmer Timeline: The Mary Washington Years. As part of a group effort to honor civil rights leader James Farmer and his legacy at Mary Washington, I created this multimedia exhibit in TimelineJS. Completed as part of Adventures in Digital History.
  • James Farmer’s Lectures. Over the course Digital History, I also had the opportunity to transcribe and caption three archival recordings of Dr. Farmer’s lectures, enabling them to be shown to the public for the first time.